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Wellness at the green o

Wellness at the green o

Wellness at the green o

Wellness at the green o

Wellness at the green o

Get reacquainted with mind, body and spirit

Take a deep breath. You’re here to connect. To your senses, to the earth, to one another, to the self. Wellness at the green o means taking the time to find your bliss with a Blackfoot River Rocks hot stone treatment—to feel your heartbeat slow to a purr. Wellness also means revving up your muscles to leap over obstacles on a wooded trail—to notice your pulse quickening like an engine running. This is a luxury spa and fitness retreat that’s unique to Montana—and individualized for you.

Spa Town®

At the center of the green o’s spa and fitness program lies a collection of tents, stitched together by an ambling boardwalk. As you walk along, feeling the warm wood against your feet, you’ll pass a babbling brook. You’ll look up to gaze at the towering pines that line the meadow. And in this serene setting, you’ll discover a menu of services ranging from the Après Adventure couple’s massage to the Inner Peace purifying mineral mud wrap.

When winter comes, the spa is located in the historic Morris Ranch House, with calming, expansive views of cottonwood trees and snow-blanketed pastures.

In-home spa services

For luxe spa treatments in the privacy of your green o Haus, Spa Town will come to you. Feel the warmth of your crackling fireplace. Linger in your indulgent soaking tub. Breathe in the woody air from the deck of your terrace. You’ll feel renewed and rejuvenated without moving an inch.

Yoga and other classes

Develop posture, breathing, balance and flexibility with Buti, Hatha or Vinyasa yoga. Try forest bathing and meditation for inner peace. Build your strength, stability and stamina with GlideBarre classes. However you define a better self, we’ll put you on the right path through group or private classes.

The Fitness Cabin

Whether it’s a solo pursuit or another way to work up a sweat with your spouse, exercising in the Fitness Cabin will inspire you to achieve your personal best. Take in the view as you circuit through elliptical machines, free weights, medicine balls, StairMasters, stationary bikes and treadmills.

The Grizzlyman Fitness Trail

It may look beautiful, but this one-mile fitness trail will have you climbing, balancing and swinging until you’re about ready to collapse. It features 12 wooded stations artfully constructed out of local timber, and it’s just across the way from Spa Town. Grin and bear it with someone you love.