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Experiences at the green o

Become intimate with a sense of adventure.

Life is simpler at the green o, yet invitingly complex. You have time to slow down to discover activities that give you a rush. You’ll forget what it’s like to feel stressed, and you’ll become a little more in tune with your own inner fears. From following the river’s edge on the back of a horse to rappelling down the side of a 170-foot rock face, these are the joys of incredible Montana getaways. Here, you can escape the world and come home to each other.

  • Horseback Adventures

    Ride off into the sunset together.

    Galloping through a meadow over sagebrush and grasses is perhaps the most quintessentially Montana activity you can do. At the green o, you’re in a place that takes horseback riding seriously. In addition to spectacular trail rides, including the all-day-long Frontiersman Ride, you’ll discover peaceful sunset rides, authentic cattle drives, arena lessons, team penning and a challenging but fun new sport we call Cow Croquet. Horseback riding at the green o means getting to experience a variety of Montana pastures and trails. You’ll wind along the edge of the Blackfoot River, amble through a forest of towering Ponderosa pines and crest Rocky Mountain foothills where you can see for miles and miles around, all the way to the next mountain range. Each horse is lovingly cared for on the ranch by our team of equine experts and is carefully selected to meet your skill level. You’ll become fast friends with your steed, whatever your horseback-riding background.
  • Fly-Fishing Adventures

    Put your love on the line.

    It’s a quiet, meditative sport that puts you in close touch with the river and its meandering rhythms. Whether you’re trying fly-fishing for the first time or ready to take your skills to the next level, the green o is the ideal place to learn, with epic stretches of a world-renowned river right here on property, plus several others within a short drive. Our expert fishing guides will get you started as you master the finer points of knot-tying, river-reading and fly-casting. In addition to casting lessons, the green o offers guided fly-fishing trips on the Blackfoot River, which boasts an estimated 1,200 fish per mile. There are also off-ranch guided fly-fishing excursions on the Bitterroot or Missouri Rivers. And you’ll be able to rediscover the simple joy of pond fishing. Novices and experts alike will find all sorts of great opportunities to catch brown, cutthroat and rainbow trout, as well as other native species.
  • Trail Adventures

    Go around and around with each other.

    If you feel like you’re just spinning your wheels, you may actually be having the time of your life at the green o. Zooming through mud puddles, plowing over boulders and zipping quietly through the forest are some of our favorite Montana adventures. ATV ranch tours take you up into the foothills to see the glorious vistas. The Bone Rattler™ mountain bike park is a technical joy—full of tight turns and rocky inclines. The Garnet Ghost Town bike tour will have you peeking through the windows of Montana’s best preserved ghost town. And if you’ve been wondering what it’s like to ride a Fat Tire Electric Bike, here’s your chance. It’s an exhilarating way to sneak up on the wildlife in the far reaches of the Ranch and get home fast, so you have time to brush the dust off your jeans and soak in the hot tub before sunset. The trails are yours to enjoy, whether it’s just you and your significant other or a big group of friends.
  • Shooting Sports

    Aim for a great day together.

    Nothing brings out the competitive spirit like a friendly afternoon at a shooting or archery range. At the green o, you can use a bow and arrow to shoot at 3D targets that look just like local Montana animals or challenge everyone in your group see who prevails on our scenic 10-station sporting clays installation. Sharpshooters can also hone their skills at our Old West .22 Rifle Range. Or see if you can survive in a high-octane game of paintball. We like to have fun in Montana, and sometimes that means a little target practice.
  • Adventures in Flight

    Gain a whole new perspective.

    There’s one bucket-list item that soars above the rest: seeing Montana from way up high. The air is so clean and clear you can see for a hundred miles, from the Swan Range and the Bob Marshall Wilderness to the Garnet Mountains and beyond. You might spy dozens of elk break from the heavy timber and scamper across the meadow. Or you might watch as a golden eagle does a flyby. In the fall, the Blackfoot River Valley floor shows off its autumnal glory with golden larches, yellow cottonwoods and deep green pines. It’s a spectacular sight, whether you’re riding in the basket of a hot air balloon or gazing down from a private helicopter tour. Ask your balloon pilot to sail so close over the tops of those big pines that you can do a “grab and go,” plucking pinecones right off the trees. On a helicopter tour, you can ask to see Glacier National Park. Either way, aerial tours in Montana are a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll want to do at least two or three times.
  • Climbing and Hiking Pursuits

    Find all kinds of common ground.

    Things could get rocky, but there’s harmony in nature that you won’t find anywhere else. With 37,000 acres of pristine Montana wilderness to explore, you could be wandering past bison on a giant expanse of ranchland or ambling up a path in the woods on your way to a serene pond. Every day there’s more to discover. You may want to start with a solo hike, walk along a trail with your sweetheart or take a guided hike to learn about the local flora and fauna. It’s all uphill from there. For an activity that’ll challenge your body and mind, try the Sky Line™ Aerial Adventure Park, a high-ropes course that’ll push the boundaries of your comfort zone. Or take a tour of Garnet Ghost Town and get glimpse of life during the Gold Rush era. For a particularly spine-tingling experience, go rappelling from the very spot where Meriwether Lewis once stood, admiring the view. Climbing and hiking at the green o are two of Montana’s most magnificent adventures.
  • River and Lake Activities

    Test the waters.

    Here’s a secret you’ll want to share: Montana has wonderful beaches. You can sit on the shores of a pristine lake and sip your drink as you watch eagles make ripples, diving for their dinner. The Island Lodge at Salmon Lake offers all sorts of water activities and boating adventures, from jet skiing, kayaking, sailing and swimming to wakeboarding, waterskiing and sunset pontoon boat tours. Of course, the Island Lodge isn’t your only option for splashing around. the green o also offers Blackfoot River scenic floats, as well as whitewater rafting in the Alberton Gorge. A guided canoe trip down the Clearwater River will set your minds at ease with its gentle current. For tubing, a water trampoline, stand up paddleboards and sea kayaks, there’s also the Lake House at Seeley Lake. On the short drive back to the green o, be sure to make a leisurely stop into the town of Seeley Lake for a cone of locally made huckleberry ice cream. There’s more water in Montana than you think. And it’s more inviting than you can imagine.
  • Wintertime Trail Adventures

    Get your hearts racing.

    Looking for a way to combat your winter blues? Soon you’ll be shrieking with glee at top speed as you zoom across the frozen tundra. With three types of snowmobile tours, the green o becomes a special paradise for thrill-seekers. Fat tire electric bike tours are equally exhilarating, with quiet engines that let you enjoy the sights as well as the sounds of the pristine, white Montana landscape. If you’ve ever wondered what the Iditarod is like, try getting pulled behind a team of huskies. They may seem adorable at first, but dogsledding is a powerful reminder that there is strength in numbers. To slow down, the green offers snowshoeing, a romantic way to take a long walk on a quiet winter morning, alone with the trees.
  • Wintertime Equestrian Experiences

    Saddle up on a snowy day.

    There’s nothing more magical than riding on the back of a horse as a gentle breeze blows snow from the branches above, each flake sparkling against a bright blue sky. At the green o, you’ll find more than 100 miles of trails to explore, and when winter comes, every stretch will delight your sense of wonder. In addition to trail rides outside, you’re welcome to ride indoors. Arena lessons take place in Paws Up Ranch’s Saddle Club, Montana’s largest private equestrian center. Team penning and a new sport invented right here, Cow Croquet, will test your skills and turn you into a cowboy or cowgirl for life. The horses at the green o are lovingly cared for on the ranch by our team of equine experts, and we carefully select the one that’s right for you. No matter what your horseback-riding background, you’ll become fast friends with your trusty steed.
  • Skiing Adventures

    Fall deeply for fresh powder activities

    There’s no need to choose between an exhilarating ski trip and a rejuvenating winter getaway. Only 45 minutes away lies Montana’s premier downhill skiing and snowboarding resort, Snowbowl, featuring 2,600 vertical feet of terrain, plenty of fresh powder and a multitude of uncrowded runs for everyone from intermediate to advanced skiers. Of course, just outside your door are countless unparalleled (yet oh-so-parallel) trails for cross-country skiing. Your green o ski guide will lead the way as you glide under a canopy of conifers freshly dusted in white. If you’d rather head out on your own, cross-country skiing equipment is also available for unguided use. You can also pay a visit to the all-new Blast Mountain Tubing and Ice Skating Park just a few miles down the road, with three thrill-packed tubing runs to choose from.
  • Wintertime Shooting Sports

    Have a beautiful day in your sights.

    When it’s snowy outside at the green o, you can have all kinds of fun shooting at clay pigeons careening across the sky. Or hone your sharpshooting skills at the Old West .22 Rifle Range. (Because after all, that sheriff has work to do all year round.) But you can also summon your inner Olympian on a Montana Backcountry Biathlon course. No other activity combines the precision of target shooting with the workout of cross-country skiing. The competition can really heat up, even when the temperatures dip.
  • Wintertime Fun

    Make time for snowball fights.

    Kidding around is perhaps what grownups do best when they stay at the green o. Surround yourself in the magic of a Montana winter at the new Blast Mountain Ice Skating and Tubing Park, just down the road from the green o. It’s a festive center of snowy and icy fun, with thrilling snow tubing runs and a delightful ice skating pond. After a few runs or loops around the rink, take a break at the warming clubhouse to nibble on delicious snacks and sip hot chocolate, beer or wine. And no romantic winter getaway at the green o would be complete without a visit to see Pete and Repete. These majestic Percheron draft horses will pull you along on an enchanting horse-drawn sleigh ride through frosted forests and over powdery hills. And, as you sip your extra-chocolatey hot chocolate, their driver will regale you with riveting stories of local lore. Relaxation, recreation and rejuvenation. They’re all intertwined during wintertime in Montana.

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