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The Makers

A Film Series on the Making of the green o

How do you make something that truly fits in with, and even lives up to, the magnificence of Montana? You make it from the heart. You make it naturally. And you make it with the just the right craftspeople. This film series, directed by Stuart Thurlkill, brings to life what it means to be a maker in the co-creation of the green o; exploring not just the physical, raw materials used, but just as important, the human and personal endeavor of pure creativity itself. Check out the making of the unimaginable—the making of the green o.

Episode 7, Walter Salas Humara

Walter Salas Humara

Episode 6, Christine Thomas

Christine Thomas

Episode 5, Nadine Lipson

Nadine Lipson

Episode 4, Miguel Chavez

Miguel Chavez, Lone Tree Construction | Owner

Episode 3, Kristen Becker

Kristen Becker, Mutuus Studio | Architect

Episode 2, Bonnie Norling Wakeman

Bonnie Norling Wakeman, Mural Artist

Episode 1, Saul Becker

Saul Becker, Mutuus Studio | Artist/Builder