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The green o story

Named for an early rancher, Paul Greenough

It’s a Montana tale.

On land that was a patchwork of homesteads, fields and woods, a scion by the name of Paul Greenough established a ranch here in about 1915. His father was a wealthy businessman in the mining and timber industries, but Greenough wanted to be a rancher.

After acquiring the original 3,800 acres, he stocked herds of sheep, cattle and horses. A man with a well-known sense of humor, Greenough decided to brand his sheep by painting them with a big green “O.” Years later, the town of Greenough was named in his honor.

History unfolds here.

Long before then, for centuries, the Blackfeet, Flathead and Nez Percé Native Americans lived and traveled through this area. They used the Blackfoot River as a transportation corridor. Later, fur trappers, miners and loggers did the same. It’s believed that Captain Meriwether Lewis, on the return trip of the Lewis & Clark Expedition, traveled through this land in 1806.

Throughout the 20th century, the property was owned by several ranchers, including Land and Jon Lindbergh, sons of the celebrated aviator. The current owners purchased the land in 1997 and expanded the property to a total of 37,000 deeded and leased acres. It’s now a working cattle and bison ranch, as well as the home of two resorts ideal for Montana ranch vacations, The Resort at Paws Up and the green o.

Where to find the green o


The Green O is located in a picturesque valley in the remote township of Greenough, Montana—35 miles northeast of Missoula, Montana. Just a 30-minute drive from Missoula International Airport (MSO).


The Green O provides complimentary transportation to and from the airport.


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